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Our Advantages

  • 100% Natural Foods

    Everything is Natural!

    This is our motto and we are experts in delivering the best 100% natural foods in the market. Hand picking the best ingredients, we are able to delivery always fresh products.


    We are distributing a big variety of products such as Hummus, Tahini, Baba Ganush, etc.
  • Fast Free Delivery

    Delivery Network

    We have developed an effective and fast delivery network which brings the products to your home or office up to 48 hours.

    Pick ups

    Check our local pick up spots - you'll be amazed how close we are to you :)
  • Best Shopping Strategies

    How we are different?

    Our reps will help you customize the best payment plan according to your needs. Note that we can also arrange a credit line that fits your needs.

    All in one place

    Yes, we have it all - Hummus, Salads and more!
  • More Than 50 Years In The Business

    A Long Tradition!

    We are working with restaurants, caterers, supermarkets and individuals for more than 50 years and enjoying every bit of it - to see the people smiles when they try our tasty products - priceless!

    100% Professionals

    We have contracts with major market places all over Florida.
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Our Products' Facts


Natural Ingredients

Gluten Free

Organic Food

Healthy Recepies


Natural Colors

Food Fact



Hummus, the simple dip of chickpeas has America under a spell. The savory dip is just irresistible and don't worry if you just can't stop dipping pita in hummus. The chickpeas are known to drop down your Cholesterol level and reduce the risk of Cancer. It can also help you with your weight management.


Recipe Of The Month

Recipe Of The Day


Take a medium plate and pour the hummus into it. With a spoon make place in the middle so that all the hummus will be around plate’s side. Boil one can of chickpeas, then turn heat to medium, add lemon juice, salt, pepper and cumin and cook for additional ten minutes. Pour the chickpeas in the middle of the plate. Add chopped parsley for garnish. Eat with pita / nachos / vegetables / crackers / etc.


Latest From Our Blog

People eating natural food 25%


People eating fast food 74%


People on diets 7%


People love hummus, 15 years ago was a $5.0M business and sold to $530.0M at U.S. Food retailers in 2012, and its expansion is such that Starbucks offers hummus! There is a commercial for a famous car that says: “The best or nothing”. Interesting, the same expression fits ALL our products!! "The best hummus or nothing" And we are proud of it and of all of them!
You are kindly invited to come to Miami and enjoy tasting them or we can deliver samples all over the state. We are eagerly awaiting your positive response and I assure you that all of you will be very pleasantly surprised tasting our Karnis products that will become a very profitable center for your operations.

Our Best Sellers

  • Baba Ganush

  • Hummus

  • Turkish Salad

  • Veggy Liver Pate

  • Tahini

  • Large Hummus

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Karnis Hummus

We are all about Natural Food!

Our line of Mediterranean salads and dip delights are based on a tradition of over 50 years in the food industry.

We are the first Hummus factory in Florida. Our distribution range spans from Key-West all the way up to West Palm Beach.
Big orders are shipped nation wide.


  • Grill Time Grill Time

    We order the Karnis products on regular basis, as per our customer's demand. We used to have different brands, but our customers have voiced their liking by choosing this brand.

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 Headquarters: Hollywood, FL

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